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The most vital stage in life is the teenage years. There is so much planning and preparation for the future ahead. We believe and know that God has called our young people to be the next generation to carry the Gospel and the Church forward. With love and passion we invest in our teenagers; teaching them about God and how His Word is a roadmap to lead them in life. We teach them to study The Bible, Learn How To Pray, and most importantly share this Gospel with everyone they meet! 

Our Young People as well join together in fellowship. They participate in Game Nights, Youth Outings and One Friday a month the Youth Group will join with other Youth Groups for a Youth Rally! Here they will worship together, pray together , hear the preached Word and be challenged to grow further in God!


Aren't you ready to be apart of the Youth Family here at First Apostolic Church of Shelbyville?! Come Join Us!  

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